HP67 Emulator Completed


I may have gone a little nuts on this, but it's addictive!

Since these two (HP-97 and HP-67) originally came in pairs, I had to complete the set.

They are both here


They interoperate exactly as the originals do. I've also added a "print program" feature to the HP-67 emulator so you can have a nice "pretty print" copy of your keyed-in programs.

Have fun!



Have fun!

I would love to ... but unfortunately (or rather: fortunately?) I'm one of those happy Macintosh owners. Which means that I'm going to be stuck with my flesh and bones HP-67 and -97 forever :-) Unless you come up with a Java version of your emulators of course.

Greetings, Max

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That's a very fair possibility. C# to Java's not too much of a strech! I spent a lot of time in Java.

I think I might try taking a break for a while though - that darn sleep thing!



Nick Tamburri has a 67 emulator that runs on my I mac, google his name for site, Howard


No problem if you have a MacIntel.

After many years using Windows and a year using Ubuntu (which is quiet nice) I bought a Macbook (didn't have enough money to buy a Pro). My family and me are rather happy with it but Macs aren't perfect, too. Compared to its price you get a lousy display and a keyboard that looks good but has its drawbacks in daily work. What is REALLY annoying is that Apple tries to make money everywhere.

I do not want to blame Apple; as I said I am quiet happy. But there is not the perfect system out there. Windows (XP), Ubuntu, and Apple/OS X all have their advantages and disadvantages. But fortunately, as many people are moving away from Windows, the competition between these systems is getting stronger, and we as users will benefit :-)

Happy computing (whatever OS you are using),



Hi, MikeO:

    Could you please explain what are the limitations in place for the "Evaluation" versions ?

    I was thinking of downloading them to test if some of my many complex, unpublished HP-67 programs from the '70s would run on it or not, with the idea of eventually publishing some of the best, but I need to know what the Evaluation versions will or won't allow me to do first.

Best regards from V.



Could you please explain what are the limitations in place for the "Evaluation" versions ?

The website says it's fully functional. And only costs you $16...

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The evaluation version is fully functional as-is - although, it does beg for money from time to time (for support and development).

The website has release notes and documentation. I try pretty hard to address issues through the email address on the site.




the HP 67 Emulator (trial version) works nicely on my XP machine. The 97 crashes. Both were downloaded a coupla minutes ago. Any idea?



I'd be glad to chat offline about the 97 crash - my email address is on the website.



Warning - It is addictive, the urge to complete your own virtual collection can be quite compelling!!

When I started I only wanted a replacement for my own HP33C but this is the result so far.

I haven't managed to run either of your emulators yet as I can't download and install the .NET runtime but the screen shots look very good - I really like the pretty print idea.

Mike T.

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Thanks Mike.
You're collection is great!

Regarding the addictive aspects, I think mine might tend towards targeting other platforms. I originally chose a platform that would reinforce me on the latest Microsoft technologies, in this case: dotnet 3.5 and Windows Presentation Framework. I've already had a few requests from Mac and Linux enthusiasts. Plenty of room for the addiction to grow!

Edited: 15 July 2008, 9:40 a.m.


I rather like your HP67 screenshot, do the buttons 'move' as well?

I don't know about you but the GTK interface scares the willies out of me! I'd really like to be able to produce a Linux version of some of my simulations but currently it is just too hard.

Mike T.

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Use http://www.wxwidgets.org/ next time. Then you can compile your code to the native widget set of any GUI.


Hi Mike,
I opted for a graying out effect over the button - rather than movement. I may post an animation on the website. That might be fun.



I have a question. Is there an option to switch between key codes to mnemonics (a la HP41c) for program steps?


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Hi Namir,
If I understand the question, you'd like to see the key labels in the display instead of the key codes?

That would be a new one alright - it would kind of ruin the illusion though of the calculator's original behavior.

YOu can key in programs and print them - which provides a nice printout. You an also open the programs inthe HP97 and see them run in "trace" mode. Lot's of options.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the tip. Using the 97 should work. I have both apps installed and I plan to send you a PayPal payment within next week after I return home.

I wrote an HP67 emulator a few years ago and it displayed mnemonics instead of keycodes. I wrote that application to include a rich set of additional commands to make the 67 on steroids!




Quick note:
I updated the emulators to have nice icons now. Also fixed a problem that non-US locals were having.



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