Allschwil Meeting 2008 again


Hi all,

this is partly a repost of the one from end of March 2008.

Original Allschwil Meeting Announcement, but I'll repost the essence here anyway:

Possible dates would be on

- 01.11.2008 (01. of November)

- 08.11.2008 (08. of November)

Both dates are saturdays, and both dates are during the famous

'Basler Herbstmesse' (27.10 - 11.11.),

so there would be occasions to free up your minds from alculators;-)

Possible topics:

- MLDL2000 Version 2 with SD card mass storage!

- Interconnectivity between HP-IL based calcs and PCs

- Occasion to see one or more of the rare DIY RPN calcs

- New and/or updated hard- and software projects

- Occasion to meet and talk to some of the guys behind the above projects

- and more

Interested ? Just reply here and to the mail address given at the
HP-Collection contact page .

Some people have expressed interest in participating already,

like Peter, Juergen, Diego, Meindert, Pascal, Michael, Rainer...

...and hopefully Christoph K. and Christoph G. and some others will join, too:-)




both dates work for me.


hi, both dates are fine for me !!


for me, too


My plan is still to be there, I have no other commitments for either weekend. Any one wishing to attend from Holland is welcome to travel with me (by car ...).
I still hope to show a working prototype of MLDL2000 V2. I am nearly done with redesigning (and prototyping) the levelshifters and powermanagement. Next task is to get the SD card interface going.



Hi all,

it seems the meeting date will be the 01.11.2008 (1st of November).

The preliminary list of attendees (in alphabetical order) :

Christoph Giesselink (?)

Christoph Klug (?)

Diego Diaz

Juergen Keller

Matthias Wehrli (Host)

Meindert Kuipers

Michael Dietz

Pascal Gervaix

Peter Platzer

Rainer Meng

Raymond Del Tondo

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz (!)

Now this is a nice list already, isn't it?

For more information and participation confirmation,

please don't hesitate to contact Matthias or me.

Matthias' contact address is linked to in my initial posting,

and my contact address is:

M a g i c 4 8 g e s @ g m x . d e (remove the obvious;-)

Hope to see you all there in Allschwil!




sounds great!



Nice to see my name included. I'll try my best to be there and carry some "gadgets" with me.

I need to ask Matthias about the date and accomodation.

Please mail me with details on airport, transport and suitable hotels. Thanks in advance.

Cheers from Zaragoza's Expo 2008.



Hi HP-enthusiast

Here some shorties concerning the meeting:

Date: 1-11-2008, beginning arround 10am.

Airport: Bâle - Mulhouse, from there with Bus Line 50 to Central Railway (I may cash you there)

Hotels: Hotel Schlüssel

Youth hostel:

Bling along: each person brings some food from it's country

Program: depends on talks, maybe we also go to town to the famous Herbstmesse

more informations through email.

PS I have another attender: Stephan Mettauer (CH), so I'm waiting for news from Jean-Francois Garnier, Daniel Diggelmann, Rainer Meng, Miachel Faulhaber and all persons I have forgotten.





It seems that also Jean-Francois Garnier will join us. Maybe he should drop a posting here by himselt for clearness.



Christoph Giesselink also joins us, was well as a new member of the community: Thomas Klemm....

Seems we have the largest meeting ever ;)



over the weekend a HP friend of mine visited me and he is interested to join the meeting, too. Are there any limitations on number of persons that can join the meeting?

Best Regards,


Not yet... ;)


Dear Matthias,

now I booked the Hotel - yes - and I will participate the meeting in Allschwil.
In my luggage I bring the actual 2008 reprint of the I/O-Bord & IL2000 interface system manual - now this book includes over 700 pages of HP41 and HP-IL knowledge...

Best regards - Christoph Klug


Me and my friend Klaus Sieber (who's from Germany) will definitely attend the meeting, too. I will call you for the details.



I confirm I will participate as well, I hope to have something new to present regarding HP-IL <--> PC link.


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