HP 12/15/16 on new iPhone 2.0



does anyone know who created those wonderful HP 12/15/16 applications and/or do we know of their availability on the new 2.0 plattform?

I don't want to upgrade to the 2.0 system until I can get these calcs there as well, they have become constants companions for me...




They will be available through the App Store. Soon, I hope!


The author of the Voyager applications for the iPhone is Thomas Fors
and he mentioned on his project page that he's waiting for Apple to
approve his developer application so he can distribute them through
the AppStore. The project page is below.





Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but the "author" is Thomas Fors AND Eric Smith, which is why I replied.


I should have known :-)

BTW - I checked the project page but could not find a 'contact the author' or something link there which is why I posted.

Thanks and I hope to be able to have this and the 41 soon via the appstore!! Great job you guys.



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