OT (Obscurely Tangential): McCain/Fiorina?


Carly Fiorina for VP?

So, in examining possible running mates' past performances, will Ms Fiorina's brilliant leadership at HP actually be viewed in a positive light?

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Paul; By that crowd, the party that brought you ENRON and Iraq; yes.

BTW:have you seen this?

and/or this?

They get less and less hilariously funny each time you think about them.


Cynicism Alert!

Thanks for those -- pretty brutal!



Where did I put that 10 foot pole?


dona nobis pacem


The discussion of vice-presidential candidates on page 44 of the July 19th-25th issue of The Economist states in part:
... Carly Fiorina, the former head of Hewlett-Packard, doomed her campaign for the Republican slot when she complained loudly that some health-care plans cover Viagra but not the birth-control pill, sinful to many conservatives. ...

Will the press ever learn? There is a difference between conservatives and troglodytes.

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