New HP 17bII+


What do you guys think of the new HP 17bII+? is it available at Office Depot, etc.? Amazon doesn't have it.



So what's next? The HP 17bII++ or the HP 17bIII?


... or HP 17bII.V ;)


You can buy it in Europe (for the price HP charges in Europe, of course). HTH ;)


Or here:

at reasonable prices.


Really looking forward to my visit to the USA. Do you know any off-the-shelf points of sales in the SF/Berkeley area? I won't stay long enough to get it shipped...


Your best bet is a university bookstore. Office supply stores mostly have TIs (getting ready for back-to-school) and HP business calcs (mostly 12C and 10B2).

I find the most university bookstores have almost all HP and TI models at less than reasonable prices.

I'd just order now, have it shipped to your hotel, friends house, etc..., pick it up when you arrive.


You might even get a brand new 19bII as well ... ;-))

How can I get a discount coupon for the HP-17B and HP-19BII calculator to be used in the USC Bookstore?

USC Bookstore offers our students relatively competitive rates on the above-mentioned types of calculators for a specific time frame. You can come up to our department office, BRI-308, to get a discount coupon.

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt, Germany


Nice idea! Thanks for the shopping tip, but LA is just a bit too far off.


Thanks, Egan,

I just googled a bit and found there are plenty of such book stores nearby. In Germany, you won't find too many calcs in book stores but in office supplies. So thanks again for putting me on the right track.

P.S.: Oh, I love it: calcs are "classroom technologies" :)) From the inventors of marketing ;)

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Hi Walter. I'd try Office Depot. Enjoy SF!




The new (silver) HP17 BII ++ is available in stores here, in Buenos Aires. Street price here is equivalent to US$ 150.- I posted a message about this a week ago.


I have found several Silver HP17ii+ on a certain auction-style website recently. All three below the price on Amazon's page. I am very impressed with the new style...

SPEED- The processor is blazing fast (Faster than a 17bii, but not as fast as the HP32sii).

COLORS-the color scheme is a cool retro.

CASE-The Leather case is as close as I could hope to get to the HP-embossed leather cases from the 90's (92169 Series),
and the legacy printer output is an excellent note for reverse compatability.

KEYS- The keyboard is much more firm than the Gold Brick 17bii+. They left the keys exactly where the 17bii left off, making the learning curve passe almost instantly.

FEATURES-I don't use the solver, but all other functions are the same as the previous 2 editions of the 17bii.

DISPLAY- High contrast 2-line LCD is easy to read.

All in all I'd give a 9.9 out of 10. (Straight 10 if the battery-lid didn't make noise every time it was touched- It is a small audible reminder of Communist Chinese birth on an otherwise solid unit.)



Is it faster than the Gold Brick 17bii+ ???

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt, Germany


I did an amortization for 500 payments of a $500,000 loan at 6% on both. The Gold brick finished about 300-500 ms before the silver model.

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TAL Allen!!!

Peter A. Gebhardt


Now I'll have to keep my eyes open
at the re-sale shops in a few years to add that model to
my modest collection!

It could be confusing though...

" do I need a 17B++ or is it a 17BIII+? hmmm,
do I already have a 17B HeptDecimal Anniversary Model?

...oh I just should've chosen to collect TI-30 variants!"

(insert smiley here)


dona nobis pacem


I buy my HP calcs here:
They have quite ok pricing and they are very responsive.

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