Updated HP41C Simulator from RLM TOOLS


RLM Tools has released the beta 2 version of it's HP41C simulator. I was able to write and execute short program. Of course it i a work in progress and has a few rough edges, but for fans of emulators/simulators like myself, it is always a welcome addition to our software collection. The simulator has many interesting feature. For one, you can easily resize the simulator application window. The other feature I like, is the assigned keys appear on the keyboard and have a special background shading. The simulator includes GUI editors that allows you to view multiple lines of code, key assignments, and so on.

Judging from the menus, the developer seems to have plans to include loading modules. I am assuming (or better yet, hoping) that at least the popular MATH, and STAT modules will be included.



I downloaded the trial version of the HP 15C simulator last year from RLM and am quite impressed with its capabilities. The 41C is on par, as you state.

In terms of realism for a Windows platform, however, I think Warren Furlow's Virtual HP 41 still has it beat - it also includes all modules (of interest to me), and best of all it is free. Nonetheless, it is nice to see continued development of these great machines by different developers and thanks for bringing it to the attention of the forum.




I am in full agreement with you. Furlow's virtual HP41CX i first class, and the long lit of modules is very very nice.


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