Non-HP credit-card-sized scientific


Perhaps others here have seen this before, but I just ran across a description for a credit card sized calculator - the Kadio KD1005 from Takshun. It reminds me a bit of my Radio Shack EC-4009 (same as Casio FX-28), but it is not solar powered.

Kadio KD-1005

I tried to find a retailer, but the only hit I got was on a website in Polish, which I cannot read. Has anyone seen this before, and do you know if it is available for purchase now?

Thanks and best regards,
Don Davis


The back of the Kadio catalog has email:

this is at their Hong Kong office.To see all their stuff:


I forgot to mention their scientific calc wristwatches.


I forgot to mention their scientific calc wristwatches.


All I could find was a 4-banger.

As far as I know, THIS is still the only scientific calculator watch made in the last 20 years.



here's the link to the calc watch

hardly HP-01 quality though :-(


here's the link to the calc watch

hardly HP-01 quality though :-(

That's not a scientific, it's a 4-banger.

Casio and countless others still make plenty of them.



I posted a link to that a year or two ago.
Still don't know where to buy it retail.


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