OT, but: Congrats to the Spanish soccer team!


As subject indicates, congrats for winning the European Championship,

and many thanks for all those exciting games during the tournament:-)



Yes, congratulations!

Don't know if Diego is a fan, but I guess there is party all around down there :)


Hi all,

And thanks for the congrats... I'm not a soccer fan myself but most of my best friends are and it is certainly a happy time for the millions of supporters here in Spain.

Best wishes from the Canaries.



Congrats to the spanish *football* team from me, too ;-).


I second that! After all, the team with the best artistic impression got the cup ;)


I notice that the Spanish folks are rather quiet (they must be sleeping after a long night of celebrating), so I'll be the first to thank you for your kind words.

It has taken a very long time for Spain to win something meaningful in soccer. This is a very happy day for us.


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At least, we (Italy) lost with the champions-to-be ;-)

Congratulaciones, campeones!



I'm always reading to all posts but now gonna say...



As I wrote earlier to Diego, Finally the Spanish Matadors tamed the German Bulls.

Best regards from Sunny Singapore.



Well done spaniards! I bet the farm on a draw to full time, but the Germans let me down the way I see it! Well deserved victory!

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