Nifty iPhone HP-41CX Template Workaround


It's not as cool as what the iPhone 41CX emulator will include in the next update, but I didn't want to wait till the next release, to have user templates.

So, I just created a 2nd instance that uses the custom template. It's kind of nice because it doesn't take any more steps than the final version. It takes 2 clicks to change templates, and the state of the calc is maintained, so you don't lose any work in making the swap.

Here is a video showing how it works The Video

PS: Not crazy about the distortion in my camera lens in macro. :-(

Edited: 26 June 2008, 12:48 p.m.


PS: Not crazy about the distortion in my camera lens in macro

It doesn't look like you are shooting straight on (i.e. at a 90 degree angle to the phone).



Well I'm not but that's not the problem. There is a little barrel distortion on this lens, in the macro, when the lens is all the way to the end. Even if I took the photo dead right angle to the plane, it would show curved lines, in extreme macro.

[b]Here is an example at extreme macro, and extreme wide angle[/b]. I was nearly straight on (a little off though). The solution is to back off slightly from the wide angle and move back a bit and the problem is reduced.

Edited: 26 June 2008, 10:56 p.m.

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