41CX on Ipod Touch help


A question for those few who are successfully running the 41CX on the iphone. I have it running fine on the ipod Touch, but it is not creating (and thus not saving) the hp41cx.save file. Which means, every time I relaunch I get the "Memory Lost" notice, and of course nothing is saved. I manually created the required /var/mobile/Library/com.alsoft.hp41cx directory but I don't have a "save" file to put in there. Any ideas on this one?

Apologies if this is not the correct place to post this.




I'm the author of the HP-41CX.app. Unfortunately, I don't have an iPod touch
to test it on and I'm not personally aware of anyone that has tested it on an iPod
touch so I'm not sure what might be causing your problem. I've posted a clean
slate save file on rapidshare for you:


Place this in your /var/mobile/Library/com.alsoft.hp41cx directory, run the app,
enter some data (STO some number to a register or enter some ALPHA characters),
quit the app and see whether the changes were saved or if you still get the
"Memory Lost" notice.





Thanks Antonio. I used your save file and changed the permissions to 766, and all works perfectly. I'm at a loss as to why the ipod Touch couldn't create the directory and file like the phone. Hmm?

Thanks again!!



Have you set the permissions to allow write access?


Yup. All the perssions are set to write. It just doesn't seem to want to create the save file. Maybe I'll try a reinstall.


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