HP 48SX Quick Reference Guide


Does anyone know where I can find a scan of the above manual ? I've tried the DVD and the 48 site but can't see anything.



Hi Charles,

The DVD v.5.00 I have does not include this QRG. Please contact me as I have a 'mint' 48SX QRG that I do not need and would gladly trade you for a new 48GX pocket guide that can be purchased for only $13.95 at Grapevine Publications. See http://www.read-gpi.com/. I live near Ottawa so we would just have to cover S&H costs.

This should be under a different forum so let's take it off-line, if you are interested.



Charles, If you'll volunteer to scan one for Dave and the Museum of HP DVD, I'll send you one of them at no charge- contact Dave for scanning guidelines and to make sure it is not already in the queue for the next DVD, but I suspect it is not.

There are several guides that match your description, and three that are close enough to mention. Both sides shown for reference. In particular, HP part numbers:

exact: 00048-90041   1/1990
exact: 00048-90060 5/1990
exact: 00048-90079 8/1990
close: 00048-90091 11/1991 HP 48 quick reference guide
close: ISBN 0931011450 HP48G/GX pocket guide (by coffin and dick)
not as close: F1633-90101 HP49G pocket guide (Shown for refefence)


...and there is a HP48 QRG in German (= HP 48 Benutzer Kurz├╝bersicht), part number 00048-90007 of 11/92. FWIW


Today I scanned and cleaned up my HP 48SX QRG (00048-90079 English 8/90). I created a PDF with 300 dpi images in colour (for colour pages). Total size is 14.2 MB. Each page is separate so a booklet can be printed using Adobe Reader or printer driver booklet printing feature.

David, if you want to include it in the next edition of HP Museum DVD, I can send it to you. I also have individual 600 dpi TIFF files.

If anyone wants it, I can send it (or make it available online).


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