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I have talked to the warehouse guy at CMT several times. He says that there is quite alot of CMT products still in the warehouse for the HP-71 and HP-41. He will not look for anything as it would take too long but he said money talks. I was wondering if all of us here on the forum would want to combine a huge lot of products for him to get, we may be able to bring the costs down significantly. I do not know how we could coordinate the shipments and payment but I just wanted to throw this out for discussion.


Hasn't he ever heard of the unmentionable auction website? People want that stuff (including me)! I better pull out an old catalog.


I better pull out an old catalog.

Can someone point me to a catalog online?


Found here:

(It occurs to me that these may be the wrong catalogs...)

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Tell them we'll be happy to rummage through the warehouse for him when we're gathered in Corvallis for HHC2008!



Woohoo!an Aladdin's treasure trove of HP-71 and HP-41 stuff :-)


Worth a try, but people rummaging through their warehouse is exactly what most companies don't want.


I dont think that he will allow us to ravage the inventory. But what I think is that, if we decide that we want to order a large quantity of product, this will reduce the cost as well as the time involved for him.


Here is a breif list of the CMT products. Please feel free to add any that are not here
CMT 32k (front port 71)
CMT 64k (Card Reader port 71)
CMT 128k (Card Reader port 71)
CMT 32k EPROM (Front port 71)
CMT 64k EPROM (Front port 71)
EPROM's 41
Corvaillis Port Extender 4100
Corvaillis CT
HP 3468 A/B Multimeter
CMT 100 Application Module Simulator 41
CMT 110 Custom ROM Development tool 41
CMT 200 Data acq. Control Unit
CMT 300 Programmable Measurement System 41
CMT 16k EPROM 41
CMT 71 P01 EPROM Programmer
CMT HPIL RamDrive 512K 71

Maybe we should put a spreadsheet together and propose what everyone wants to the CMT people?
Let me know what you think.


Their 71 card-reader-port RAM modules went in 32K increments up to 160K IIRC. I drooled over that biggest one when it was in the EduCalc catalog, but I had to set myself a budget and I ended up with the 96K. I also have their 64K front-port RAM.

They had a CR-32/32 which was a card-reader-port 32K RAM and 32K OTP EPROM, the 71-PO1 EPROM programmer, front-port EPROM modules for HP-75, and the CMT-71 waterproof case for the 71, which, with its built-in heater, could be used with the big rechargeable-battery waist belt so surveyors could do their field work down to -40 deg. This is from my EduCalc catalog #35.

Looking in a CMT Hand-Held Solutions magazine from Jan '88, I see also the Multicase which was similar to the waterproof case mentioned above but also included a 64x240 dot LCD, a 128K mass-storage device, 82164A-compatible RS-232 interface, and status indicators.


I had two units of the CMT Multicase, and still have one unit.

I showed that unit on the latest Allschwil meeting,

to demonstrate the direct connection and three-way data transfer

between the simultaneously connected HP-71 (of course), an HP-41CY,

and an HP-48GX which was connected on the serial port.

To make things even funnier, I could also have connected the HP-48

using my W&W Serial-to-HPIL interface;-)

For the 32/32 RAM/EPROM module you mentionnned: Are you sure CMT made these, too?

I know that HHP (HandHeld Products) made these, since I have some here;-)


I am very interested in the CMT EPROM Programming fixture. It has an standard 28 PIN DIP interface for the Data I/O 21A Eprom Programmer and a series of 32Pin PLCC pogo pins to hold captive the CMT-10 EPROM (Shown below).

Mathias has a picture of the fixture here:
( From )

CMT-10 Eprom with Zengrange Voltage converter and ZEPROMS


Ok, I spoke to the guy again and he said that if we have firm numbers for the quantities of each item, he will search for the units. Please send me a personal e-mail with the quantities of which items you would like. I will put together a fax to send to this guy. He is only interested in doing this if this is a firm commitment. My e-mail is He said that there will be some items that are not available, some items may only have 1 or 2 left. I will place the date next to your request and then you will have priority over later dates if there are conflicts. He said that we will discuss item costs after he knows what is available. He said that with a large purchase there would be a good discount. Once the list is established, I will send it to each of you. Please do not ask for something that you cannot pay for. As a group we need to figure out how to coordinate the money transfers. Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks, Jeff


So we're to commit to buying something without knowing the price?

- Pauli


I think he needs to know that if he has the items and we agree on price, that his efforts to find the items will not be futile.


Of which level of 'effort' are we talking here?

It would be nice to know beforehand whether an item is available or not.

Currently it seems to look like collecting bids on a private auction
without even knowing whether any of the item(s) exist or not.


Raymond, if we have a list of items that we want, he will search the warehouse to find them. All he is asking is that we are serious about buying. When he finds the items, I plan to get his "initial" cost and open the discussion here as to what the real cost should be and then discuss this with him. This is my plan and I am open for suggestions.


I'm mildly interested. My two 71s both need a memory expansion pretty badly.

- Pauli


Hello i would like to know what is CMT thanks


Hello i would like to know what is CMT thanks

Corvallis Microtechnology Inc isn't it?


EduCALC carried some (all?) of the CMT products. Here's one of their catalogs from 1988.


katie; while you're going back in time, page 48 to 71 - i'll take one of each, the cmt, pod and maptech.

no fries.



me too. Icewater with lemon on the side...


Very interested.


Definately interested in

CMT 32k (front port 71)



Please send me an e-mail and I will add you to the list.


Very interested too.



Also, it would be great if CMT had (or pointed us to the source of) paper-thin batteries for their 32K front port RAM module for 71 (can't find them and the original ones are long dead).



Does seem a bit odd to collect these things without any idea of a price.

I fear you'll have quite a few people who bail because they find out the price is $X after a search and they were expecting a price of $Y.

I am interested in some items but if prices are near original list, then I am not too interested.

Tough call!

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