HP41 on iPhone


searched the forum but could not find the info there. Sorry if this is a repeat.

It seems that there is a HP41 clone for the iPhone available. And (drum roll) it has a fantastic module configuration:
CCD-OSX + Sandbox 3D + Sandmath III (+ Securities)

Not sure who 'Al' is, but I'd like to express my sincere enthusiasm for this project and the selection of modules.

It seems that he is the same individual that brought to us the hp12/15/16 clones. Also fantastic apps - inclusive of programming capabilities!

Anyway, here is a link to a thread where it is discussed:http://groups.google.com/group/hpcalc-iphone/browse_thread/thread/440bd67f7ee7f188?hl=en

and here is a link to the latest version (only works for iPhone on 1.1.3/1.1.4) http://rapidshare.com/files/112177576/HP-41CX_1.0b3.zip.html


Thanks for the link Peter. I downloaded the file, and uploaded to my Touch. The only thing I had to do from there was to make the main 41cx program permissions to executable. It's a nice edition to the HP11-12-15 emulators, especially because it can be held vertical (a little more hand-ergonomical). Now I need to tackle the 41's since I've never really owned one (or never owned a real one.)


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Wow! Now my iPhone has an HP11c, HP12c, HP15c, HP16c, and an HP41cx.

What is missing?

How about an HP48GX or HP 50g?



Just curious,
How do the various emulations look on screen. Is the text of the buttons large enough to easily read?

Also, do these emulations run programs exactly as fast as the real-world calculators (because timing is controlled in the emulation software) - or do they benefit from a speed increase?




Very readable.

The image in my previous post is about 125% of actual size on the iPhone.


speed in the HP41CX is about the same as the real one, see the thread I posted somewhere in the middle. As for the Voyagers, I'm not sure but it seems to be about the same as the real ones.


The Nonpareil code base deliberately simulates at close to actual speed, even though on modern processors much higher speeds are possible.

I've had requests to add a "turbo mode" to Nonpareil, and may do so in the future. The problem with that is that the calculator firmware's key debounce loops won't work correctly if the speed is raised significantly. For example, on the 41C/CV/CX, pressing a key will almost instantaneously get "NULL".

There are several ways to deal with this, but I've been more concerned with getting Nonpareil working correctly and adding more calculator models to it.


Eric, have you seen my other post regarding the Nonpareil compilatoin problems under Ubuntu? I'm stuck.

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Yes, and someone else and I both replied. I don't have any more ideas.


Did you see my last problem? I've pushed the other thread up. ;)


There are several ways to deal with this, but I've been more concerned with getting Nonpareil working correctly and adding more calculator models to it.

I posted such away here:
http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/articles.cgi?read=866. Scroll down to "Accelerate your Nonpareil". Although this is for Voyagers, I'll assume that the same logic could be applied to 41CX.

In a recent exchange with the author of 41CX for the iPhone, the author stated that one of the 2.0 features (to be released to the App store) is, "User adjustable HP-41CX processor speed".


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Yeah, I also can't enter alpha above e without it failing, though entering the same text as labels works... Oh well it is not perfect... maybe version 2.00000000.


This layout looks gorgeous! I used to play around with my Dad's HP41C back in the early 80's. After turning my Dad's HP67 upside down to read "words" created with certain digits, I found the alphanumeric display to be a whole new playground.

Now I need to get anj IPhone just to play with this!



So how does one go about installing this application on the iPhone. I read the README instructions and it wasn't obvious how to do it.

1) Can it be installed using a PC? I see mention of iPhone <--> MAC but nothing for a PC.

2) There is mention of permissions. A foreign concept to a PC.

3) Where is the iPhone/Applications directory?

4) On a PC, one can only put things on the phone using iTunes. I see no mention of applications and I'm using the latest iTunes.

Can someone provide a step-by-step set of directions for getting this great application on the iPhone, using a PC (if even possible).




This is from memory without an iPhone with me, so I hope it's complete (enough):

1. Make sure the iPhone has the latest firmware. Do this in iTunes. Connect the iPhone, and click on CHECK FOR UPDATE.

2. The iPhone must be jailbroken to allow applications to be added (although this should be changing very shortly). If not, check out a tool such as at ziphone.org. The usual disclaimers about "at your own risk" and warranty-voiding apply. I have had no problem. Jailbreak the iPhone (one of the buttons on the left in ziphone). This will install an application named "Installer" on the iPhone, along with its icon.

3. Use Installer to make sure BSD Subsystems and an SSH program like OpenSSH are installed on the iPhone (there won't be application icons for these, but they will be listed under the "Uninstall" icon in Installer if they are installed). If they are not installed automatically, look for them under the "Install" icon, and install them -- BSD Subsystems first.

4. On your PC, extract the HP-41CX.app folder from the downloaded application. Store it someplace convenient, such as on your desktop.

5. On your PC you must have a comm program such as WinSCP installed. It is free and easy to find on the net.

6. With your iPhone connected to the PC and recognized in iTunes, run WinSCP on the PC. You will have to create a new connection. The host name is the IP address of the iPhone on your network. You can find it on the iPhone: Settings | Wifi, then click on the arrow next to your wifi connection. You should see an IP address something like (your digits will vary). Enter this value for Host name. User name is "root", and password is "alpine" (both without the quotes). Select SCP as the file protocol. I would SAVE this, so you don't have to re-enter this info again.

7. Click LOGIN in WinSCP. The first time you connect, it may error out after about 30 sec. This is normal. Attempt again until you connect.

8. The pane on the left references your PC, the pane on the right references the iPhone. In the right pane, click on ".." at the top of the listing until you get to the (root?) directory which contains the "Applications" folder. Double-click on Applications to enter this folder.

9. In the left pane, locate the HP41-CX.app folder you extracted in step 4. Copy (drag) it into the Applications folder on the iPhone.

10. Right-click on the HP41-CX.app folder in the right pane, and choose Properties. At Permissions, change the octal value to 0755, and save it.

11. Close out of WinSCP, disconnect your iPhone and reboot it. You should see an icon for the 41 program.

Now. wasn't that easy? :-) I hope I didn't leave out any steps.

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Yes, it was kind of easy. I already had installer on my iPhone and it's jailbroken. I was having trouble because of was using the IP that showed op on an internet connection. That was different (for some reason) than what is in the Wi-Fi screen.

So, I used that IP and SCP'd the file to my iphone and it installed. However, it doesn't run.

When I click the HP-41CX icon? it brings up the image of the 41CX but just hangs and after a minute or so, closes out back to the launcher window.

What am I missing here?

Disregard: It was a permission problem. I used CHMOD to change the permissions and it's working great

I have found one problem. Perhaps someone can explain how to fix it. In ALPHA mode, some of the alpha show up initially but then revert to the all filled in box. doesn't affect all characters but does to most.

You can see in one image where I typed: a, b, c, d, e, f, g and the results.

Here is the one where the alpha characters don't look right. When I press "F" an upper case "F" is shown properly, but when the key is released, it shows as all segments filled in. Solution?

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I have found one problem. Perhaps someone can explain how to fix it. In ALPHA mode, some of the alpha show up initially but then revert to the all filled in box. doesn't affect all characters but does to most.

You can see in one image where I typed: a, b, c, d, e, f, g and the results.

Here is the one where the alpha characters don't look right. When I press "F" an upper case "F" is shown properly, but when the key is released, it shows as all segments filled in. Solution?

For me it looks like the built-in function of the CCD-Module, which is included in the emulator and allows you to type in lower case characters which would be printed by a printer, but are shown as full segments on the display. Look up the manual of the CCD-ROM to find a way to turn this feature off.


The only CCD manual I have is in German. ;-) But I don't see anything that looks like it can disable this.

I also noticed the following behavior

When not in USER mode, I get a few lower case (a, b, c, d, e) and then characters will all segments turned on. However, if I go to USER mode, all of the alpha are in uppercase as they should be.

I'm not sure this is the way it's supposed to work but if it is, I wonder how one gets the other lowercase letters like f, g, h, ... z.


I "fixed" mine by deleting CCD-OSX.MOD file, works great since, the only "problem" is when in FIX 0 mode, the decimal point still appears...



I just had a communication with the author and he says that behavior is how it's supposed to work. You can use the USER mode to have essentially the same alpha behavior as the 41CX and without USER mode, get lower case (for printing).

I think I'll just leave mine like it is for now but let me ask. How do you delete a mod, once it's installed? Do you have to reload it, minus that file? OR is there a way to unload it on the iPhone.

I also notice there was a keyclick sound file but I don't see any way to turn it on.


Deleting is as simple as - with WinSCP log to iphone/ipod, navigate to : root/applications/HP-41CX.app and delete the *.MOD file. Then respring and that's it.
I like the click on the other HP calcs (for iphone) and would be nice if this one had it also...


Has someone got an email address for the author ("AL")?
{Update: someone has sent it to me, so I no longer need it.]

I can't download from rapidshare because their captcha is too complicated for me. They wanted me to pick out which letters had cats. They all had some kind of critters, but none of them looked like cats to me. I guess I fail the Turing Test.


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Disclosure: I do not know the author nor have I ever met him


The developer just emailed me screen-shots of the 2.0 version of his simulator which will allow printing, module selection, overlay selection, etc. I think they look very enticing (like - 'I want one now!') Currently he is still waiting to be accepted by Apple as a developer so no release time available.

I also encouraged him to participate here and get feedback from users, we'll see...

Anyway, here are the shots:

Cheers, Peter


Looks great! Thanks for passing this information. Now I'll only need an iPhone ... :/


Hello fellow HP-41C fans,

Thanks for the positive comments regarding my HP-41CX app for the iPhone.
I don't really have much to add to this thread at this point except to mention
that Eric kindly offered to host the app on the nonpareil download page so
people won't need to put up with the silly rapidshare Turing tests ;-) . Incidentally,

The screenshots that Peter kindly posted pretty much capture the feature
set of the final version that will be released for iPhone OS 2.0 via the AppStore.
The only other potential feature that I've been toying with is to optionally use
the iPhone keyboard for ALPHA entry (Egan, you and I think alike). I still need
to work out a few details about how to best implement it but I've already got
a proof of concept working so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to implement it for
the final release. We'll see...

In the mean time, I'll try to pop my head in here now and again so if you have
any feedback please post away; thanks.



Edited: 25 June 2008, 10:37 p.m.


A couple of minor updates:

I've completed the implementation of optional ALPHA entry (including in "ED" mode) using the iPhone keyboard for the iPhone OS 2.0 version

The version for iPhone OS 2.0 is now feature complete. Therefore, barring the
discovery of any bugs/issues, the release will be gated by when Apple grants
me a developer certificate. Sigh...



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