HP 20b Manual


Hi all,

The HP 20B User Guide can be found here http://www.educalc.net/1593489.page

I'm going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia HP dealers tomorrow to get myself a HP 20B.

do I get a prize for discovering the pdf manual? ;-)


Possibly Educalc will reward you for directing traffic to their site :-).

I continue to be mystified that European and Asian sites have supporting documentation available long before HP itself. Last year it was the 35S manual, seen only in French for months.


FYI... This is the PDF of the quick start guide that is included in the HP 20b packaging.

I am hopeful that a larger, more expanded PDF manual will be available online sometime soon.

And, no, I don't understand why the HP webpages don't have the 20b manual or learning modules yet.

Or, why clicking on various HP calculator web page links ends up with not found messages.


I notice 2 interesting items in the manual
Page 17 it mentions macros can record up to 120 keys
Page 31 it is referred to as EURO


While it may say that in this download from educalc.net, it is incorrect.

No macro recording capability.

I can promise it would have made my review!



I notice 2 interesting items in the manual
Page 17 it mentions macros can record up to 120 keys
Page 31 it is referred to as EURO

you will notice that this document does not come from HP, but educalc...

there is no Macro, and as far as I know, Euro is just something that goes UP....



who is educalc? surely not the EduCalc of Santa Ana, California who regretably went bust in the 1990s?

is the macro a hidden feature, not known even to Gene? ;-)

the mystery continues....

p.s. going out now to buy my HP 20B, cheerio.


educalc has pulled out the user guide http://www.educalc.net/1593489.page

so apparently this is not the official stuff

I hope HP puts up PDF manual soon... I like to get a "feel" of the calculator before buying it.

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