sacrifice 12c question


Is it possible to replace an 11c display (broken)
with one from a new 12c? Are the connections
and indicators identical with no changes over
the time?
Thanks for help.


While some of us here thought it could be possible, someone actually tried and discovered the anwser is NO, at least when the 12C is not from the same period of time. If you can find a 12C made in the same "period" (year?) and country of manufacture (you will need to check the serial numbres), then there is a chance that the dispalys may be interchangeable. (Seems logical, but no warranties!)
You may find information in the archived posts here at the MoHPC.


Andres is right. To elaborate a little further, HP has made several circuitry changes and upgrades over the 20+ years the 12C has been in production. It is therefore very likely that the display circuitry used in the 12C units available today are not compatible with other Voyagers that were made 15 years ago.




as mentioned in some posts, the 12C now comes with a 3.3 Volts Li battery (is it correct?). As the voltage supply has changed AND internals too, the display may not be the same. Is there, anyway, any visual difference from older models to the new 12C? Say, after an [ON] [X] test, does it seem everything is the same? Shape, format, angle...

If you are not sure about the manufacturing date of both calcs, a try-to-see-what-happens may not succed.



> Is there, anyway, any visual difference from older models to the new 12C? Say, after an [ON] [X] test, does it seem everything is the same? Shape, format, angle...

Well, there are lots of differences. To name a few
of the most obvious, apart from the single large battery, the blue key
legends are far too dark in new models, nearly unreadable,
the keys rattle, are not shiny, look cheap and badly
finished and re the display itself, the latest China made 12C I
have has a golden background to the black LCD digits,
instead of the usual grayish background of older models
and other Voyagers.


Hi, Ex-PPC.

You are right pointing them all, and some I was not told about till now. Thanks.

Anyway, Mr. Kynes is concerned about replacing the LCD. Maybe you can also help: for the new models, is there any visual difference in the LCD (other than the goldish background color) that could identify if it is new one OR old-models? Say, if someone has a 10-series LCD out of the box, is it easy (if possible) to identify if it can be used in any other 10-series OR only in the new 12C`s? Some say the new LCD for the 12C is based in the new project, say, the new power source is only 3.3V instead of the 4.5V, and it cannot be used in other Voyagers.




As far as I can recall, the display incompatibility issue between different-"years" HP12C/11C, etc. appeared much before the newer HP12C from China, with different battery, etc. was introduced.

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