HP 41 Card reader


Are there any way to test a card reader without a card ?
I bought a used card reader but I dont have any card to test it .
If any can help me thank You.



Are there any way to test a card reader without a card?

In a word: No.

Unless it has been recently rebuilt, it has a low probability of working due to the very common condition known as "gummy wheel". Most readers, be it 65,67,97 or a 82104A, don't work at this stage of their life without repair.

Fully testing a 82104A requires the HP ET-11966 service rom. You can do a functional test without it but the only way you can say it is 100% functional is to test it with the service rom.


Thanks a lot.


I've checked them for gummy wheel by making my own "card" out of appropriately sized card stock, cut to fit the card slot. Since Gumby is likely in there, that's usually the first test to try anyway.

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