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I read of the accuracy test performed using 9 sin cos tan arc tan arc cos arc sin in sequence. In the 50g in the degrees mode it shows 8.999999864267. I wondered how it would perform in the radians mode so I used Pi/20 (same 9 degrees) repeated the test and divided the results into the original angle and multiplied by 9 to get a comparable number (9). It showed 8.999999999995
It seems the algorithms are more compatible with the radian mode. Sam


It seems the algorithms are more compatible with the radian mode

Hi, Sam --

Have a look here (discussion from me):

And here (discussion from Valentin):

In fairness, the author of the forensic did not intend it to be a measure of a calculator's general accuracy; he intended it to be an indicator of internal algorithms and precision for purposes of comparison between models.

-- KS

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