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Hi Everybody,

Does the 50G (or 48g for that matter) have any functionality whereby all the roots of a number (namely a complex number) can be displayed? Ie...if I take the fifth roots of a complex number, I would be able to see all five roots.

Thanks and best regards, Hal


You should be able to use "PROOT" for this purpose. The command gives all the roots of an arbitrary polynomial and by transforming your problem into a plynomial equaton by setting the coefficient you don't need to zero you can find the roots.

For example to find all the fifth roots to 2+3i transform this into the equation -z^5+(2+3i)=0, on the 50g put

[ -1 0 0 0 0 (2,3) ]

(where the zeros are the coefficients for z^4 down to z^1) on the stack and press PROOT (found under "NUM.SLV"/"POLY").

The results is (approximately):
(1.27 , 0.25)
(-0.88 , -0.95)
(0.15 , 1.28)
(0.63 , -1.13)
(-1.17 , 0.54)

Hope this works.



Thanks Michael,

That works nicely.

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