HPGCC 2.0SP2 C Tutorial Updated


Hello C programmers,

I have updated my HPGCC 2.0SP2 C tutorial with a number of minor fixes that address issues with the latest Cygwin/X for Windows. If you had problems compiling you may want to download hpgcc.tgz again.

I have also updated my notes to include Linux support and a Linux tarball (hpgcc-linux.tgz). Tarball contains HPGCC, a prebuilt HPAPINE simulator, and the ARM cross compiler.



P.S., I forgot to add, that while the hpgcc.org site is down you can still get to the HPGCC documentation after extracting the hpgcc.tgz or hpgcc-linux.tgz tarballs. Just look in ~/hpgcc/2.0SP2/doc_html.

Edited: 30 May 2008, 4:43 p.m.

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