The small calculator


Hi, I'm looking for the March 1976 number of 'Scientific American' magazine. Who can help me?



    The exact bibliographical reference you want is this:

    author = "W. McWhorter",
    title = "The small electronic calculator",
    journal = j-SCI-AMER,
    volume = "234",
    number = "3",
    pages = "88--96, 98",
    month = mar,
    year = "1976",
    ISSN = "0036-8733",
    bibdate = "Mon May 18 08:08:24 MDT 1998",
    acknowledgement = ack-nhfb,
    classification = "B2570 (Semiconductor integrated circuits); C5420
    (Mainframes and minicomputers)",
    keywords = "chip circuits; digital integrated circuits; electronic
    calculators; information processing system; monolithic
    integrated circuits; single microelectronic chip; small
    electronic calculator",
    treatment = "G General Review",

    Good luck finding it !

Best regards from V.


Thanks a lot Valentin.
It's possible to find the .pdf file?




    I've been unable to find it the regular way, i.e., googling for it.

    It seems that Scientific American itself doesn't keep these issues on-line in any way, their non-free Digital Archive goes only from 1993 to the present.

    Other on-line resources have also failed. I suggest you either try eBay, to see if someone has that issue in physical form, or else non-regular internet searches, if you know what I mean. You can
    also post in the Adds section of this forum, to see if someone has a copy available.

Best regards from V.


Or possibly go to a well stocked library...



Scientific American is easy to find in libraries. Lots of colleges have it going all the way back (on microfilm).


I may have a paper copy of this edition, stored in another location. It will take me a few days to check. I'll report back then.

Obviously, if I make a copy, it must only be for research or not-for-profit use.


Of course, I need it only for documentation and curiosity.
Thank a lot to everybody for the great help.
Kind regards



Found it. You have mail.



have you produced a pdf? Could you make it available to all us at the same conditions as for Ignazio?

Thanks in advance, whatever decision you take.

-- Antonio


I don't think I can legally publish copyrighted material, but I will consider individual requests.



Ken wrote:

I will consider individual requests

Ok, Ken, here's mine: may you send me a copy?

Only for personal and not public use.


-- Antonio



may I opt for another copy. Personal use only, be assured!

marcus at mvcsys dot de

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