HP-71B - Clockdsp Line 23


Hi All,

in Joseph Horn's ebook "HP-71 Basic Made Easy" you find the Lex File "CLOCKDSP".

However, in line 23 there must be an error, or I do have a bad copy. For me it seems to be impossible to get that line entered correctly.
In my printout of the ebook the line reads as follows:

023: E061 5101 F174 F233 BE

What is wrong with this?

Any help is very much appreciated,

Thanks, Roland


Well I should have written down the correction but I forgot, so you have to go through the following possibilities:

It is the last entry which is causing your error so try in the following order, one at a time, until the line is excepted:


It is a great lex file by HP!
Cheers, Geoff


Hi Geoff,

you are right, it is as simple as that....

by using the "B6" as checksum byte it works,

many many thanks

great program....

kind regards, roland


Hi Roland,Geoff,

There is an even nicer version, CLOCKLEX see CHHU V2N7.
It makes the Digits graphically, smaller than the standard ones, leaving more digits for the normal display. Warning, take care not to have both programs in memory, they both use CLOCK ON/OFF




Many thanks Peter,

Just got your email this am (5:25 am) to be precise, guess I should have checked the time with the clocklex I have!

I will give the program a try LATER today!

Cheers, Geoff


Hi, that sounds very interessting, and I would like to try asap, however, I do not have any clou where to find this LEX File, can you help?
Kind Regards, Roland



The great thing about the HP41/71 is that there have been a lot
of programs written, and published in several magazines in the
mid 80's. The other great thing is, that several people have put
a tremendous effort in preserving them, by scanning them, and
making them available to "later" HP41/71 users/lovers.
One of them is Warren Furlow.

Download EMU 71, install it on you PC, than go the the LIF archive,
and include it in EMU71, than you can list you LEX file.



many thanks, all this works great,

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