HP 82153A WAND revision 1E versus 1F



If all know (or should know) the HP-41C barcode reader, it seems few know there are 2 versions of it, both with same reference : HP 82153A.
I was searching on the Web for some info on, but was quite surprised of almost NO page on, even on this forum !? Did I miss something ? I just knew there was a 1F version because the "Creating Your Own HP-41 Bar Code" manual mention it.

First, to check your version, plug it into your favorite HP-41 and a CATALOG 2 will tell you which version you have.

As I already had a version 1E, I wrote some Excel macros to produce almost all type of barcode (see HP-41 Programming Environment and Bar Codes Generation on my web site). So, when I received a 1F, I added some macros to produce the 1F specific codes.

According to the "Creating Your Own HP-41 Bar Code" manual, version 1F recognize 3 additionnal barcode data types, mainly the "sequenced" version of the 3 (standard) data types :

  1. Type 9 : Sequenced numeric data
  2. Type 10 : Sequenced alphanumeric data, in replace mode
  3. Type 11 : Sequenced alphanumeric data, in append mode
Are there other differences between those version I'm not aware of ?

Would it be valuable to create an article with those 3 version 1F data types, and how to code and use them ? (Above manual doesn't provide any info about its use and coding rules).


There's at least a 1G version, since this is what I dumped for Hrast's emulator on 2002, I bet I own some 1E and 1F and probably other revisions (too lazy to check it out right now).


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