She thinks I'M a nerd...


Today a co-worker from a nearby city was in the next office, and she came around the doors asking, "Earl, do you have a RPN calculator I can borrow?"

A LOL moment if I ever experienced one!

Seems she forgot hers (a reverently well-kept 28-S I've lusted after for a while), so I started pulling out what models I happened to have at the office.

She selected the 35S, and came back with praise for it as perfect for an already HP-savvy person to jump into sight-unseen.

We talked about my HP history, and she gave this sort of awed whisper of, "Wow, you really ARE a nerd!"

Someday I'll have to show her this forum, where I am but a wannabe in the presence of nerd-gods!


Time to get out the pocket protector and your horn rimmed glasses with tape over the bridge.....don't burst the bubble by pointing her to this fabulous site.



Time to get out the pocket protector and your horn rimmed glasses with tape over the bridge.....

Don't forget a uWatch!

It's a total babe magnet.



Being thought a nerd is much better than being thought a dummy. Here you can choose your calc, some even do algebraic for people that don't do RPN. There was a tech at work that was equally at home with either. The solve function with direct solution is the best! Sam


I read this on the 'net years ago...

What is the difference between a young nerd and an old nerd?

When a young nerd breaks his glasses; he tapes them and everybody laughs.

When an old nerd breaks his glasses; he fixes them on his micro-welder and nobody notices!


dona nobis pacem


On the topic.. not sure if it will translate well, but my wife read this and said I am a nerd too: Handbook for Nerds ( for the spouses, really)


The true nerd would have a quick draw HP41C in a pouch hanging from his belt.


The third frame in today's Dilbert has the manager saying "You're an engineer. Everything you say is abnormal."

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