Lovely pictures of a 'cut' Curta on the unmentionable site


Item no 220233375153, only 4 hours left so look quickly.

I have no relationship with the seller.


Has this machine any relationship with a simimar device made in Liechtenstein (circa 1958), with the hand chank on the side?



You may be thinking of the Alpina which has no connection to Curta. The Alpina is German, I think.


The machine (devise?) I'm referring to was made in Liechtenstein.



A real marvel!

The seller said to be located in M√ľnchen - immediately brought to my mind the "Deutsches Museum" there: hope they do not miss anything d;?


there have been other "cut" Curtas in the past, so this is no unique piece...
obviously needed a lot of dedication to create this one though - nice :)
How about a "cut" HP35? <g>

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