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I just did a BIN for a 17B with box and wallet case. Was this type case shipped as a part of the new bundle?

Also, last week I got a 17B with a different style slip case than all the other pioneer cases. Was this style unique to the 17B and were all 17B's sold with this style case? This is the calc I asked about but rec'd no response.

Charlie bored in Phoenix.



as usual, some photos may be of help;-)

There exist at least two different HP branded slip cases for the pioneers series calcs,

one of them being a simple heat-glued piece of rubbery plastic, and a better one with a real seam.

Even the better ones doesn't always have a perfect fit...

At some time even the HP-42S was shipped with the cheapo slip case.

And then there is the genuine leather case HP 92169 (dunno the trailing letter yet;-)

There also exist some third-party cases, one of them with a wallet-type with flap,

and a built-in stand for a user-friendly viewing angle.

And finally there is the Astech Industries hard case;-)



Thank you Raymond for your detailed info.

The cheaper 17B case can be veiwed by searching for this auction number: 270236769506

The 17B I just bought has the tilt up stand. You can search hp 17b and then click completed auctions to find my BIN.

Its hard to believe HP would package that cheap case with a 42S.

My beeping 17B came with the quick start guide which fits the cheap case but would likely be too snug for the sewn case.



Hi Charlie,

yes, this is the cheap case I was talking about;-)

And congrats for your 17 with the wallet-type case.

I also have some of these cases, and they're very nice IMHO.

The only somewhat weaker thing is the incarnation of the actual

mechanism to hold the calc at an angle.

It's a relatively thin piece of plastic,

actually the same piece which holds the calc in place.

I have one Pioneer calc in one of these cases, but don't use the tilting feature;-)



Here are all the HP-made case types for the Pioneer:
In order: Leather, Vinyl (standard) , and some kind of PVC/plastic (came with some 32S, 42S, 27S and 17B, others??)

The leather Pioneer Cases HP part numbers are:

HP 92169K (black)
HP 92169L (Brown)
HP 92169M (burgundy)

- Photo's used with permission from http://www.enterhp.com/


I think the "cheapo" cover is actually the earlier style, as both my USA-made 27S' came with this, and my USA-made 17B.


I had a look a my Pioneer collection:


17B: Singapore 1989

27S: USA 1988


10B: Indonesia 1998, 1999

17BII: Singapore 1992, Malaysia 1996, Indonesia 1997

20S: Indonesia 1998

32S: Singapore 1990

32SII: Indonesia 1999

42S: Singapore 1990



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