Forth on 71B


What are the differences between the Forth versions of the Forth/Assembler ROM and the 41 Translator ROM?

What was the reason for having two different implementations of Forth?

Which version is preferd by Forth programmers?


AFAIK they are mostly the same except that the 41 Translator ROM has a few extra functions (e.g. CLOCK)

I prefer the 41 Translator ROM because I use CLOCK to time my programs and I have the 41 Translator ROM in my 71B.

Both can run in EMU71. I'd suggest that you get them and the docs if you really want a comprehensive list of differences.


If you are interested in assembly language the HP-41 Translator ROM does not have an assembler while the FORTH/Assembler ROM does.


Back then in the eighties when the HP-71B was hot,

someone from Northern Germany also made an assembler in BASIC,

without the need for a FORTH/Assembler ROM.

AFAIK the JPCRom also includes an assembler.


Thanks, I will follow your suggestion and try the EMU71.

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