hp 41 problems


I have a hp 41 that won't turn on I have tried new batteries and all that happens is that I see what looks like the bottom half of 5 zeros and that quickly fades. Any suggestions? Is there anyone who fixes these still?


Your second question can be answered by looking at the front page of this site a little closer. Dan


hmm, from my very limited experience this looks like a contact problem, probably due to cracked posts. (a very common problem).
Fix That Calc is exceptional in their service and work and you can find many happy posts around here from users who had their calc restored and repaired by them. (I am not affiliated to them in any shape or form, other than a customer...)

hope that helps




I had the same problem with a 41Cx last year....Fix That Calc fixed it and it works like new.



Did you try everything to reset it?:

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