A "Cadillac" Quadratic Solver for the hp 33s and HP35s


On 10 March 2006 I published "A 'Cadillac' Quadratic Solver for the hp 33s" as Article 593. There were three errors in the program listing. I as unable to edit the article because of password problems. Dave suggested that I submit a new article with a correct listing.

Article 881 "A 'Cadillac' Quadratic Solver for the hp 33s and HP35s" includes a correct listing for the hp 33s program. It also includes a listing for an HP35s program which uses direct addressing to conserve program labels.

I have asked Dave to delete Article 593.


Hi Palmer,

I'm very interested in every piece of code I can get for the 35s. I allways find it inspiring to see how others conquer the same hills...

Would you be so kind to help me out and point me to where to find this Cadillac?

George Bailey


It's in the "Articles" section:




Thanks a lot!

I've NEVER been there before. Allways go to the 'normal' forum directly. Note to myself: Go to www.hpmuseum.org main page and see what treasures are beneath it...

Best regards,
George Bailey

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