ID'ing 2 Overlays and Labels?


hello to the group: any assistance ID'ing these two overlays and the adhesive-backed labels would be greatly appreciated!! possibly
HP-41/41XX?? value range?


values for original HP-34C Owner's Handbook, Applications Handbook, & Quick Reference card?

carson city nv


many others are more qualified than me, but I think these are simply the standard overlay that come with the 41C/CV/CX. The left one has the normal shifted functions, the little sticky labels allow you to modify the overlay according to your needs. The right, blank one makes it even easier to have a fully customized overlay. HTH




Yes, these are the two standard overlays and label sheet that came with every HP-41C, CV, and CX that I have ever seen. I think they were supplied with all of the millions of them. My estimate of value? $5, maybe $10, since every sticker seems to be there.


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