HP 41 IR Module & HP48


Does anyone knoww if it's possible to set up communications between a HP41 and a HP48 using the IR module that fits to the HP41?

I'd like to be able to send information from the 41 to the 48, but as a curiosity the ability to send information the other way would be interesting.


You can send info from the 41 to the 48. HP itself provided such tools both on their site and with the emulator card. I am not sure where to get the software from these days but if I remember correctly it is called inprnt (or something like that) and it takes printer output from just about any HP calc i/r device capable of printing and translates it into a text string. This works with the 41, 41 and 27 calcs. Probably others -- I can't recall having tried with a 28 but I would be quite confident that it would work.

There is no way to take input however since the i/r module has a transmitter only and no receiver.


hi-- you can get the inprt program off joe horn's goodies disk 9. it's in the hp directory on the disk. you can download it at hpcalc.org (i believe). hope this helps....

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