HP-41C Pool Maintenence Programs


I recall that I saw a Keyboard overlay and a ROM for using on Swimming Pool Water maintenence. Is there actually a HP-41 ROM out there for this?


I can't answer the question for the HP-41C, but I've never seen one. There is a Pool Water Analysis ROM for the TI-58/59.



That might be where I saw it. Has anyone seen this for the HP-41C?


Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the TI Calculator Pool Programs? An program listing would be great.


I don't have the ROM or the documentation. I did not find a mention of the ROM in a quick scan of the issues of PPX Exchange.

A search of the PPX-59 Software catalog identified two programs related to swimming pool water analysis:

PPX 998039G TABEX Swimming Pool Test

This program will tell the user how much of certain TABEX chemicals to use after making test of the water. This program is ideal for swimming pool dealers who sell TABEX chemicals. 846 steps.

PPX 998022H Analysis for TABX Swimming Pool Chemicals

Calculates the amount of TABEX chemicals needed to correct the free chlorine, total chlorine, ph, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, iron and copper. Faster execution time than the first revision. 868 steps.

Both programs use the PC100.

The author of both programs is William B. Mentzel, Jr. of Huntington, Maryland. You might try to find him, but that is long time ago.

The second program was listed in the June 1982 H Update to the PPX-59 Software Catalog.

Neither program is in the PPX Library at Viktor Toth's site.

In 1989 TI PPC Notes published a list of several hundred PPX programs which were available for loan. Neither program is in that list.

I do not know if TI can help.



Here is the little I know. From my accessories catalog that came with my TI-58C in 1982, on the order form, is a line item in the Solid State Software Libraries list:
Pool Water Analysis PWA-5859 $45.00

Here are links to some information:



It apparently came with a keyboard overlay, perhaps the only one besides the keycode overlay supplied with every TI-58/59.

I thought I saw one on ebay not too long ago, but could not find it today.


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Jeff, I located a TI-58/59 Pool Water Analysis Module, new, for sale for a reasonable price. Let me know if you are interested, and I will give you their email address.



Yes, Please give me the address.
Thanks much!
BTW// What is a reasonable Price?

Edited: 4 May 2008, 5:40 p.m.


Email sent, you should have all the info.


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