reading mini cassette tapes


I have a n HP 41CX with several mini cassettes containing survey information. Does anybody know of a company or individual that can read the information and transcribe the data onto either 3 1/2 disK or CD?



I don't know of a company that does this, but there will be many readers of this forum with the equipement/software to do so. Anyone with an HP-IL controller (HP-41, HP-71, HP-75, etc.) and HP-IL cassette drive and HP9114 disk drive can get the data onto a 3.5 inch floppy for you in LIF format pretty easily. I understand that a utility exists to convert LIF format to DOS format, readable on a PC, but I've never done it myself. I have the cassette drive and disk drives. If you don't get help elsewhere, let me know, and I should be able to do it for you.



If someone named Reinhard Hawel offers to help you read them; do not send him your tapes. I sent him a tape with a defective header, a brand new tape, and a couple of HP 720 discs. That's when he stopped answering emails.

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