HP 71B, HP 41CX, clonix and etc and more...


This site and you guys and gals are absolutely fantastic,

Through you over the last couple of years I have been able to restore:

various classics
4 HP 67's (various card reader articles as well as dis-assembly
instructions, thanks Mike Davis)
1 HP 65 (various card reader articles as well as dis-assembly
instructions, thanks Mike Davis)
1 HP 92
1 HP 97 (Katie Wasserman's article on printer gear replacement
and Mike Davis)
1 HP 25C
2 HP 35
2 HP 45 (one converted to quartz via hpmuseum.org/45crys.htm)
1 HP 55
1 HP 9114B

HP 41 C and CX's
* fixed my HP 41C from university days (thanks Wlodek!)
* updated my HP41CX's to double x memory (Christoph Klug article
and Allen Thompson's spare modules)
* updated my HP41CX to Clonix41 with CCD PPC NAV and soon to be
my personal programs (Diego Diaz is a treat to work with).
* various accessories for synthetic programing (Emmanuel COMPES)

HP 71 B
* now picked up 2 71B's (thanks to Tony Duell for showing me his,
and now I have to learn BASIC!), one for a restoration article and
the other other in mint condition for use.
* Card Reader (thanks to a fellow ALGOL W user from way back..RamLab),
* RAM and HPIL interface module (thanks Raymond Del Tondo).

What an incredible site and now that I have joined the HP 71B thanks to everyone that has helped with suggestions etc. I have already started to convert a Temperature correction program written HP 67, HP 41, HP48 and now in BASIC for the HP 71B. Am I having fun or what?

Cheers, all and thanks..... Geoff

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Hi, Geoff:

    You're welcome. Any help you need with programming your HP-71B or optimizing your HP-67/HP-41C converted programs, just ask, I'll be very glad to help.

    And once again, welcome to the wonderful world of HP-71B fandom. You really wouldn't know what you've been missing.

    (By the way, get a Math ROM for your physical HP-71B no matter what: buy, beg, steal, borrow, whatever. You don't really have a real HP-71B till the Math ROM is firmly plugged in, never to be removed. And don't forget to download and use Emu71 to create, test, and debug your HP-71B programs, it comes with the Math ROM already included for free).

Best regards from V.



Thanks for your kind words.

Just want to publicly join Valentin's "welcome".

Cheers from the Canaries.



This is actually exciting, thanks for the offer and the translation of my programs.

At the moment I have translated from HP 67 to HP 41 to HP 48. The basic in the HP71B seems to have similar rules to the HP 48 language with syntax changes.

I will endeavour to construct them and as of now have written a few test programs which seem to run (probably not elegant but that should come with time).

I have noticed that your command of English is excellent and that your probably therefore have an aptitude for languages be it programming or international.

Your articles for Data File are wonderful! I am currently writing one on the HP 67; cold weather temperature altimeter corrections and may follow it up with the HP41CX version and the HP48G+ version. At current all three programs print (the HP 97 substituting for the HP67) and that was one of the uses I have for it in the office (cockpit). I will be doing a fourth translation with printer and display options for the HP 71B.

It looks like I am slowely leaving the world of the 70's for the late 80's as we speak!

Cheers, Geoff


I also recently, and finally got myself a 71B, what a nice machine, remembers me of the good old HP-12C I used to have when a kid. That is design, a level my 48 has not (a 30XXA machine). Or the 95LX for that matter (3140A machine). The BASIC seems to be really powerful, but I did not learn it yet. I want to expand the memory and was thinking of making myself an expansion, I will see if I can do it, protocol is not difficult to reproduce I already took samples with a logic analyzer, it needs to be low power and withstand 6V or so that the battery will supply.


I want to expand the memory and was thinking of making myself an expansion, I will see if I can do it, protocol is not difficult to reproduce...

Protocol is not trivial, but is perfectly documented in the HIDS. If you have any schematic to propose to interface with standard RAM/EPROM chips, it will be very appreciated by many of us!

I'm still dreaming of a Clonix71, maybe should I consider making one by myself :-)



Thanks!, And coming from you is just an honour. But let me make it first, then I will discuss it. I do not want to make the mistakes I made in the past.

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