HP 71B With HPIB Disk Drive ?



We have a couple of HPIB disk drives at work (from old hp300 systems) If I buy the HP-IL to HPIB interface box will I be able to get it to work with my 71B or am I wasting my time/money ?

Come to think of it we have some old HP GPIB printers as well. Will these work ?

Best Regards

Sean Connor


The standard HP-71B commands like CAT, COPY, PURGE,... will not work due to the different protocol used by the HP-71B (simple 'Filbert' protocol vs Amigo or CS/80 used by HP-IB drives).

However, in theory you can access the drives with low levels commands (SEND, OUTPUT, ENTER) and it could a nice hobby project...

There should be no problem to use HP-IB printers with the HP-71B.


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