Several HP-Calculator items


I have a small company of my own, and have been selling HP since 1976. I still have some old items in their original boxes, unopened. Maybe these will be of any interrest for some of You.
HP82120A Extended Functions/Memory Module.
HP82182A Time Module.
HP82183A Extended I/O Module.
HP82184A Plotter Module
00041-15005 Surveying Pac
00041-15018 Aviation Pac
00041-15022 Games Pac
00041-15023 Home Management Pac
00041-15024 Clinical lab & Nuclear Medicine Pac
00041-15042 Auto-Start/Duplication ROM
HP82106A Memory Module

HP82160A HP IL-Module Owners Manual (also have this one in Swedish)
HP82162A Thermal Printer Owners Manual
00041-90526 HP-41CV Owners Manual Basic Operation
00041-90402 HP-41CV Standard Applications
HP82104A Card Reader Owner's Handbook
HP82143A Printer Owner's Handbook
00041-90328 HP-41C/CV Operating Manual A Guide for the Experienced User
00041-90515 Swedish HP-41CX Bilaga Unika Operationer

00041-90136 HP-41C Real Estate
00041-90138 HP-41C Solar Engineering
00041-90142 HP-41C Physics
00041-90086 HP-41 Lend/Lease/Savings
00041-90094 HP-41 Stat/Marketing/Sales

HP82200A Toucchpad
More items will follow later
Best regards Jarle



I would be very much interested in the Aviation Pac, in case it is still awailable. Shipping to Germany should be no problem, I hope.

Greetings, Max

EMail: hohmannmax _at_


I am interested in HP82182A Time Module, HP82183A Extended I/O Module, HP82184A Plotter Module 00041-15005, Clinical lab & Nuclear Medicine Pac 00041-15042, Auto-Start/Duplication ROM. Also in the 82143 Printer user manual.

My e-mail :

Please let me know the prices.
Best regards.

Iñigo Rodriguez


Jarle --

There is a Classified Ads section in this website where the details of this announcemment should have been posted -- as stated in the banner of this Forum web page, with a hyperlink right in it:

Please use the HP Calculator Ads section for "for sale" and "wanted" ads.

Also, you should seriously consider using preformatting of text (pre and /pre in square brackets) or line breaks (nl in square brackets after each item) to make the list of items more legible -- one item per line. Presently, it's all run together, even if you didn't enter it that way.

Otherwise, thanks for making available a large collection of items.

More items will follow later

Please make them follow in Classified Ads.

-- KS

Edited: 20 Apr 2008, 3:48 p.m.


Thank you Karl. I'll use the Classified Ads next time. Sorry for my mistake. Greetings, Jarle

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