ThinkJet 2225B Battery Pack 82199A Repair


I recently replaced the Ni-Cd cells in my ThinkJet IL printer and thought that others would benefit from my experience. I purchased a pre-assembled pack, with connecting wires, from They have a version that is easily modified for the 82199A. It is item number 10515 (or #2406F) . The hardest part is removing the plastic that they used to cover the assembled pack. Once you do that, the batteries can be easily positioned properly for the 82199A without any soldering, desoldering, or resolding of the tabs. Order it with the solder tabs on the connecting wires, and then you will only have to add the existing 82199A fuse inline when you solder it into the pack. Total cost is $26.05 including shipping. the cells are rated at 2400mAh.



This seems to be an identical size in NiMh cells with little covering.
I have found several items I needed at and their site is easy to navigate. Sam


Yes, this is a very similar Ni-Mh version, which is probably a good alternative. By just splitting the pack between the 3rd and 4th battery, and bending the connecting strip so that the two triplets are paired together, the version I had fit nicely in the case and only required soldering of the battery wires to the pack wires. I hate trying to solder on the tabs.



Dan, I didn't know your desired configuration.Could you scan their other packs to see if they are configured as wou want them? sam


The desired configuration for the 82199A battery pack is 3x2. The very common configuration for remote control vehicles is 2x3. I scanned this on-line retailers stuff and saw many 2x3's but no 3x2's. The closest thing has been what we've been looking at, the 1x6, bent around the middle contact plate to become a 3x2.


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