Received new 12CP Anniversary Edition today, but...


... it does not plant itself well on a flat desktop. I love this model and think the keys are much, much improved over the early releases of the 12CP (which were very hard and required a deliberate push). With this new 12CP, I can perform very fast calculations and the keys are not giving me any problems. However, it's very irritating that one of the corner does not touch the table top. My other HPs (even my Kinpo 12C) plant very well. I can even slide 3 sheets of paper under the lower right rubber foot! What can I do to remedy this problem? Should I return it for exchange or buy new rubber feet?

Edited: 17 Apr 2008, 11:55 a.m.


Gently twist it!


I tried twisting it (gently), but it didn't work. I would have been happy just replacing the foot with a thicker one, but I couldn't find any feet. HP didn't have any, and neither did calcpro, so I returned it for exchange. I hope the replacement model is better, otherwise I'll have to buy other feet and make them fit. I had a 41CX that had this same problem, and not matter how many times I replaced the feet and tried to file them down, I could never get all four feet to touch the (flat) table top at the same time. Perhaps it's a design flaw. My 33S has small feet and plants itself perfectly.


Many Pioneer calculators have (had) this problem, too. Twisting helped just for the moment. I'd recommend to look for softer material for the feet in case the replacement is kipplig again.

No one complained about the 35s in this respect and it has really soft feet.


I received my replacement 12CP Anniversary Ed. today and it plants itself perfectly and the keyboard is awesome. Good job, HP, and great customer support!


Good job, HP, and great customer support!

Don't exaggerate. A good job would have been not to let twisted calcs leave the factory. Quality-wise, there seems to be space for improvement, giving customer support the chance to exhibit their service. Maybe just my old-fashioned understanding of quality...


True indeed about their in-house quality control. However, I was pleased with the fact that they did replace it (with fast shipping) and I was happy that the replacement was of satisfactory quality. Now I just hope it's bug-free!

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