HP-71B 82161A (Cass. Drive) Emulator


Is software for emulating a 82161A Cassette Drive on a HP-71B available?

A HP-41 can't write files to a HP-71B. If a HP-71B would behave like a drive (tape or disc) on HP-IL protocol level, the 41 could read and write files to the 71 for further processing.


I have read the HP41 can "print" to a HP-71B which can save the "printed" text as a file.


I have read the HP41 can "print" to a HP-71B which can save the "printed" text as a file.

"HP41" OUTA on the HP41 sends the Alpha register to the HP71 (control off @ enter :loop;a$ @ disp a$ => "HP41")

HP41 PRA or PRP "file" results in NO PRINTER. I tried via a synthetic SF 55 (Printer available) and SF 21 but no result with a consequetive PRA (prgm and run mode) or a PRP "File".

Thanks for the hint, although it does not solve the problems of "Key", "WRTA" files and so on.


The registered version of EMU41 can do as you say.


How can I transfer the content of my Cards from the card reader via the HP41 to the EMU41?

My idea of an HP-71 Mass Sorage emulator is that is can serve as
an "in between" relay in an HP41, HP71, IL-RS232, PC
configuration. The 71 can send the files to the RS232/PC for
further processing. Collecting files can be done in the field on
the HP71 and store later on the PC. EMU41 requires a lap-top
solution in the field ...

I consider the hard way by synthetic curtain management on the
HP41 and grabbing byte by byte and sending it via OUTA but this is
very slow and file format dependant.

Thanks for the tip but ... Still hoping for ....



If you have an Extended IO module, you should be able to do it with OUTP. That will be faster, but it's still "file format dependent", though that shouldn't be a problem if you just want to get the program back into the 41 later using INP.


For HP41 and EMU41 we have nice programm solutions for transfering data files and program code by using the HP-IL/PC Interface card or alternatively RS232 interface....

Regards - Christoph Klug

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