BBC article on The Garage


BBC News has a nice article on Bill & Dave's garage, where it all started:



Great article, thanks!

Here is a shot of me in front of The Garage a few months ago

Anyone else care to share their pic in front of The Garage?


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I've got a pic or two I took back in 2001 March before the front yard and gate were redone...but I cannot paste pics here in the forum! Any recommendations?



Tom, it's sufficient to have a site hosting the pictures. Please check the advanced formatting hints of this Forum. If these don't help, you may send your pictures to the curator.

HTH, Walter


Here's some pics I took in 2001(March). The landscaping and placque mounting have obviously been changed significantly since then.;init:.JPG

Please pardon the finger! The photographer was a klutz!!;init:.JPG



Changing the gates is a real improvement: now you can see the cradle of Silicon Valley at least :)


...and with a real SAAB in front of the house:-)


Thanks for the link, I especially liked the part where they describe their first marketing tips:

"The first model was called the 200a and they wanted people to think they were bigger than they were. They didn't want to call it 'Model One'," She says. "Their marketing was pretty primitive also. Even on a copy of HP's first advert it gives the address as 367 Addison and says call Department A for information."

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