HP 20S colour scheme


My HP20S has Green and Purple shift function colours, but from looking around at various photos this seems fairly rare. Most of the others I've found use a Blue and Orange colour scheme.

Anyone know why, how and when it changed?



Orange is actually yellow. The Singapore 20S really has a great colorscheme :-).

I guess your 20S was made in Indonesia?

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Orange is actually yellow. The Singapore 20S really has a great colorscheme :-).

I guess your 20S was made in Indonesia?

Yes, mine was made in Indonesia.
So all the Indonesian ones are one colour, and the Singapore ones another?

Yes, I prefer the Singapore colours too.



Orange is actually yellow.

Officially, this color scheme is called blue/gold 8)

Many months ago, I did ask the same question here as Dave does now. IIRC, the color scheme for the 20s was changed the same time as for the 32sii. Maybe I'll find that thread again.

Edit: Voila, here it is :)

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So they changed from the (very sensible) Blue/Orange to the (rather hard to see) Green/Purple?
What could have possessed them to do that?

I don't have the two schemes to sit side-by-side physically, but putting the pictures side-by-side clearly shows the superior clarity of the Blue/Orange colour scheme.

Who makes these decisions, marketing? - Ah yes, silly me, of course they do!!



Fully agreed, and I can assure you it does not look any better if you see both sitting side-by-side physically. But green/purple must have been absolutely (marketing-) cool, else they would not have changed colors for the 48G d;-)


My Indonesia 20S has the blue/"gold" color scheme. Although, to my eye, the color seems somewhere between yellow and orange.

My employee's Singapore 20S has the same color scheme as mine.

My Singapore 32SII and another employee's Indonesia 32SII, as well as my USA 48SX, all have the blue/orange scheme, and it is definitely orange, not yellow or gold.


Well, well:

  • 32S ann. s/n 2912A... - orange
  • 20S s/n ID9060... - light blue & gold (as defined in MS Excel)
  • 21S s/n 3122S... - light blue (whiter) & yellow
  • 32SII s/n ID9120... - light blue (darker) & orange
  • 48SX s/n 3145S... - light bue & light orange

Obviously, there have been variations. Nevertheless, the classic color scheme is *called* (as written above) blue/gold through the decades.




I agree that the colour scheme is really clear on the 20S as is the display. Pity that this wasn't repeated on an RPN calculator. However, I asked my wife which she thought was clearer - a 48G+ (new style colours) or a 48SX (old style). She preferred the 48G+!


May have been gender marketing? Those bean counters could have argued growth opportunities in this market sector were huge (you always get high percentage with low denominators), and it's 50% of the total market addressable ;)

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