HP 35S and 12C Platinum Anniversary Edition


I'm thinking about taking advantage of HP's 20% sale on calcs (ends April 10) and picking up a couple more models. These will be mainly for using at work, so I'm wanting opinions if there are any issues with either of these two models, specifically pertaining to the keys and their feel. If they are hard and require firm pushing, just let me know. I prefer the smoother keys of the older Voyagers, Coconut, Pioneers, etc. (I'm more of a fast poker rather than a slow pusher when it comes to using the keys.) Thanks for the comments. BTW, if I order directly from HP, I assume I'll get one of the newest iterations (latest SN), right?


you get what they have in stock.


PS: Assumption is the mother of disasters!

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you get what they have in stock.


PS: Assumption is the mother of disasters!

Thanks, Namir. Do you have any experience with either of these two calcs? If so, can you describe the feel of the keys?



I just bought a HP35S and find it great, even it's not perfect ! No keyboard trouble and good feeling (Serial 0802xxxx, Feb. 2008 I guess)



The 35s is a step in the right direction. FWIW, on my sample the keys feel good with a nice tactile feedback (S/N 7210...). No severe problems so far.

BTW, Stephen, there are many threads about this calculator in this forum. If you search the archives a bit, you will find plenty of answers to this half of your question.

HTH, Walter


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I see MANY 12C at auction, they are a glut on the market. Sam


Thanks, Walter. I just wanted a recent inquiry about the quality of the calcs offered today. Sometimes the search turns up posts of the earlier releases when they're still working out the bugs. I had purchased three 12CP, one 17BII+, a couple 49G+, and a couple 33S, and have compared them to my older collection of HPs (about 25 of the older models), so I'm familiar with the quality difference between the Kinpo models and USA / Singapore models. The good thing is that the quality has been improving, but it's slow, and sometimes you just have to look for a newer model to make sure you get the latest iteration that is free of certain design flaws or bugs. I was just curious about the latest ones coming out now. The very first models tend to be a disappointment, but I'm hoping the current 35S and 12CP Anniversary are worthy of daily use.


Unfortunately HP don't seem interested in selling calculators in the UK. You can't buy direct and their resellers have either ceased trading or don't appear to stock HP calculators any more...

Post script - After three calls to HP I managed to get a complete list of all their HP Calculator resellers by e-mail. Unfortunately five of them either don't seem to be in business anymore or don't appear sell HP products.

However two of them look promising so I'll let you know if I manager to get a quote.. I might get an HP35s yet...

Mike T.

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Since I was a little slow at ordering the 12CP Anniversary was sold out and would not take my order. So I odered the 35S.


I received a new 35S today from HP and I must say that I am impressed. I was a skeptic about the keyboard, but this keyboard is very nice. I've put it through my tests and love it. Now, the only downside is that all of the features I need are on shifted keys. (This is where the 33S is ideal for me.) If I can have the keys of the 35S, labels and lack of shifting of the 33S, and layout of the Voyager, I'll be set. BTW, the serial number of my sample is CNA 75000574.


It's too bad that someone allowed the 33S to be "styled" as it is a fine calculator. Though it looks like a rocket ship which is pointless (deduct points) it is an effective GP calculator.
The 50G is beyond me, but the soft key labels make it good for external program insertion. The keys on my 35s feel like velvet, ideal. I personally don't understand why the 12C would be used for anything beyond financial calcs. Correct me if I err. I never used one. Sam in San Diego


The nice thing about the 12C is its layout. It's so much more intuitive and seems to fit on your desk (next to the paper you're writing on) so much better. You just need to spend a day (or less) with one to get hooked. Plus, the seven-segment display and smaller, well-spaced keys make it ideal for very fast (simple)calculations. The 12CP line adds a few features for the science guys and enough statistics to keep most of us happy, so the design and intentions are good. (It's not just for the financial users.) Hoping the keys have improved on the 12CP since the last samples I tried when it first came out, I decided to buy one today. Maybe they'll be as good as my 35S now.

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