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I'd be interested in some additional information regarding the outcome of pressing a key when a program is running on the HP67, HP25C and HP29C in the table below.

HP25C : Unknown - same as HP67?
HP29C : Unknown - same as HP67?
HP67A : I beleive that all keys except R/S are ignored, except that digits can be entered while the program paused.
(What about CHS and EEX or any other functions?)
HP33C : Any key halts a running program¹
HP34C : Same as 33C (from memory).
HP11C : Any key halts a running program¹
HP10C : Same as 11C (from memory).
¹ After the current instruction (incuding a PAUSE).

Many thanks.

Mike T.

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How about the HP-65?


Dunno about the 10C, but the 16C is definitely the same as the 11C (I just checked). I'd bet the Voyagers are all the same.


--- Les



On my 25C, any key stops a program execution.




Hi Mike,

On both my 29C and 67, any key stops program execution.

At the risk of exposing my ignorance, what is an HP67A ?

Best regards, Hal


Thanks for all the feedback, particularly with respect to the HP25 and HP67 (I'd seen the A suffix used elsewhere and included it here just to get all the text to line up!)

Having established that for all these models any key halts program execution while a program is running. I'd like to clarify what happens when a key is pressed during a pause.

For the HP10C, HP11C, HP25, and HP33C pressing a key while a pause instruction executes appears to just halt the program as before (the key stroke is not entered or executed).

I believe (but cannot confirm) that the HP67/97 behave rather differently and would be interested in any additional information and in knowing what other models behave in the same way as the HP67/97 or were these two models unique?

In particular I'd like to know what the HP29C does - is the same as the HP25 or does it behave like the HP67...?

Mike T.


Yes indeed Mike...
Upon further investigation, the 67 behaves differently:

If I press any key during a pause instruction while a program is executing, that key function is executed, and then program execution continues. This goes for shifted functions as well. I also noted that program execution will continue after the key is released, no matter how long the key was held.

There's another difference I noted also between the 29C and 67:

On the 29C, no key (including the R/S key) will stop program execution unless it's held for long enough to be depressed between program steps (ie, a momentary jab of any key during a pause command has no effect...hold any key longer and prgm execution will stop and key will not register). On the 67, however, the R/S key will stop execution no matter when or how briefly it's depressed (just as any other key will register immediately when a program is running).

Other notes: 41cx seems to work like 67 for the R/S and numeric keys, but the binary operation keys will execute and then stop program execution.

15C, 34C, and 67 exept that keys other than R/S are not registered, they just halt prgm execution (interesting that the 19C/29C differ).

33S...any key other than R/S or C (cancel) is completely ignored during prgm execution (no matter how long it's held).

and finally 42S...any key registers immediately when pressed and prgm execution stops.

Best regards, Hal


I find it interesting that HP67 behaves differently from the HP29C. Given the hardware similarities between the two machines I'd half expected the new behaviour introduced by the HP67 to be present on the the HP29C as was introduced after the HP67.

From your observations it would appear that the HP29C was intended to behave like the HP25 and later HP3x models...

Mike T.

Edited: 9 Apr 2008, 6:09 p.m.

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