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this is my first post here, I'm a long time user of HP calcs (21 years actually), and I have been looking for a HP-71B for some time. There are now several auctions by a guy named JB Morgado (from Portugal) in the german ebay, the HP-71B being sold seems to be in very good condition, but the price is a bit steep! (285 Euro).
Do anyone knows something about this guy ? Does he exists/is he trustworthy ?, what do you think ?

btw, someone is dumping loads of '70s calcs at the time also (!?)


Edit: ebay ID: pacitosys (I'm not selling anything here!), article number: 300213503281

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Hi, Alejandro:

    Regardless of this person being trustworthy or not and it being an auction sale or a garage sale, 285 Euro for an HP-71B is an outrageously high price, even if mint or new.

    285 Euro translates to US$ 448, and you can get hold of a similar HP-71B for less than half that amount, probably less than 1/3 if mint/new, and less than 1/4 if in good condition. Think about it.

    I do have two extra mint HP-71B (not for sale at this moment) and I wouldn't think of asking more than about US$ 200 (125 euro) for them, if at all.

Best regards from V.


Regarding the price you are right, but I was not willing to pay that much anyways :-)



I don't think the other poster is necessarily right, because it all depends.

A while ago I bought a NOS HP-71B, complete in perfect original packaging,

for more than 300 Euros, but I was prepared to pay that much,

since I wanted to complete this part of my collection.

Other people may not want to pay that much, and 'working' to 'average' to 'good'

71B's are readily available in a price range between 50 Euros and 150 Euros.

For example, I have a nice but used HP-71B with HP-IL module

which I would part with for 100 Euros plus shipping.

And since you're located in Germany, shipping wouldn't be that much;-)



That is of course interesting, my email is in the contact information, if you could please send me some photos of it and the conditions, I'd be most grateful.



You have mail:-)



Hi Raymond,
please, send me information about your HP-71b (if not yet sold)


Hi Roberto,

did you receive my mail I sent using the hpmuseum mail feature?




Hi Raymond,
I have not received your mail but probably because I take
a mistake in setting e:mail forum address
Now I changed this....and probably it works
Bye Roberto

Hi Alejandro,

Valentin is right about the prize being possibly much lower than that. Besides, it's not even a real auction but a fixed prize. Be patient and watch for real auctions and you'll be able to get a 71B for around 100 EUR in no time. But remember: if you buy outside the EU (via ebay or personally) you'll have to pay customs fees (+ ~20%) and at times (depending on seller's country) extraordinary high postage fees, that is easily ~$30 in the US.


I've been waiting around 19 years for one, so I can wait a bit longer ;-)


Please include your ebay ID when commenting on ebay auctions and ebay users in this forum.


Please post your ebay ID. Not someone elses.


I have had dealings with Bruno (JB Morgado). He is a trustworthy gentleman. Dealings have been very fair and I am quite satisfied with his items, communication and quality of service he offers to his clients. Well, Price is a subjective topic.

Best regards,

Prabhu Bhooplapur



Indeed price is relative, taking into account that this HP-71B + HPIL + 2*4K was bought for EUR 106.11 from swomeone in .....
right, Germany.



Similarly, a few years ago I won an auction for two new (never used) HP-71B handhelds, and each came with HP-IL ROM, Math ROM (!!), and 4 Kb RAM modules already plugged in, all 8 items for just US $130 (about 100 Euro at the time).

Just a single Math ROM could easily fetch that much. Talk about bargains ! :-)

Best regards from V.

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