I lost my HP41CV, I think it is dead...

It left me with the Financial Decisions and Stress Pac

Does anyone knows in Brazil where can I get one of them?

Luiz... Help me...


Marx Pio


Hi, Marx.

I sent you an e-mail. I know it`s hard, don`t panic.

Solutions exist...



There is a place in the United States where you can get the HP41CV and other no longer made calculators. It is called International Calculator (in Florida) website I recently bought a working HP48SX and accessories from them. I have had good dealing with their manager Don O'rourke. Good luck!


yes, this site is known, but the prices are quite high !

You can with a bit of luck and patience purchase these calcs for half of these prices on ebay...


I bought a mint HP41CX with Thermal pac and Advantage pac from an ad right here on the forum. The guy was very honest and sent scans etc. The only flaw was a slight crack in the battery holder which he had previously indicated. If you see this calc, even the rubber at the back, you'll figure it was one week old. the springs for the batteries appear to be brand new, not even the slighest bit of corrosion. The display doesn't have a speck of dust in it. And the HP case looks as though it never had a day out in the sun. Well how much did I pay? $90.50 delivered to NY. Well there isn't much of a moral here, except that there are sometimes very good deals on the forum right here.


Hey, Iqbal!

I could not help myself... As you described, this beauty seems coming straight from the past! Lucky you! I once bought a Philips Tape Recorder (N2408, a remarkable equipment) built in 1973/74 by paying, say, less than US$80. The former owner claimed having used it for about three months. The rubber tires became goo, as the ones found in the card readers, everything works perfectly fine AND it looks as new... A 28 Y.O. tape recorder looking as new.

Why science fiction? How come these machines to look so fine after all this time? Some, even kept in safe places, degrade enough to look like junk. Others keep their looks for the life. Amazing!

(is it possible that HewPack is producing earlier calculators, small quantities, just to sale them for good money? Science fiction... or profitable business?)

Cheers. (and still working on subdivision...)

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