How to open my HP-32SII



I have problem with the C-button on my HP-32SII.
It does not always work.
I have to press fast and hard, and sometimes several times, to turn it on. But when the calculator is on, the button can be as good as all the other buttons for several hours.
Someone seen this problem before?

Therefore I have to open the calculator.
I have removed the four "plastic nuts" on the back close to the batteries. So now I can open it a little at the upper end. But I don't know how the two parts of the calculator are joined together at the lower part. Is it just to unfold it or shall I slide one part in a specific direction?

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Along the sides there are some holders that keep the two parts together, you may use a putty knife, small one, to free this holders. A screwdriver will work also, but it may leave marks (that happened to my 48sx)


I hope this can help you.

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