New 48GX: Already display problem?


Hello everyone,

I've just unpacked a new HP48GX. I've noticed that in the immediate area above the menu keys, and from left to right, the display varies from a dark green to a golden yellow colour, whether the calculator is On or OFF. I would be grateful if the group could advise if this acceptable or should I consider having the machine replaced?

I've never used any device with such a small lcd, but I've noticed that the Nintendo GameBoys my children use have perfect displays.

Am I expecting too much?

Thanks, and a bit dissapointed, David H Thompson


No it's not a problem. Well at least I don't think so. I had a few G's, one G+ and a couple GX's and they all had that yellow/goldish colour on the right bottom side of the LCD. So I don't feel it's a problem.



My old 48G was traded by a new 48G+ that has a golden fading spot at the left-button side of the display. The 48G was perfect. Anyway, the new 48G+ I recently bought has the black-dots, 49`s LCD, with no spot of any kind.

This is being kept to be shown to my grandson...


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