Where are these in the HP 33s and 35s for program operations? I see references to them on here but I don't seem them in the manual.

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It is under EQN, roll down. Then you can key 1 to 4 to select the desired register, Sam




Actually, you can press any key that brings up a menu on the 35s, and then press RollDown.


But you can't do anything with the values, it is just a peek into the registers.


While entering a program, selecting one of the values enters a REGX, REGY, REGZ, or REGT instruction into the program.

Alternatively, one can enter such an instruction using EQN mode (i.e. EQN, RCL R, RCL E, RCL G, RCL Y), and the resulting instruction looks identical to the equivalent instruction entered using the menu, but it takes up more memory and executes more slowly.


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See poage B-7 of the manual.


It is available on PDF format now.



I saw that the listing is available on PDF. Unfortunately, the Adobe reader in my computer is broken. I will try to get to the library tomorrow and see if I can dump it there. I do have a working HP-67 thanks to repair by Viktor.

I hit a documentation jackpot at a rummage sale today. Got an HP-25 which has a problem, an 83033A Battery Pack for the HP-97, four HP-67/97 Users' Library Solutions (Control Systems, Energy Conservation, Thermal and Transport Science, COGO Surveying), three HP-67/97 card pacs with documentation (Standard, ME Pac I, Cvil Engineering Pac 1), an HP-97 Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide and a bunch of HP-41 material, all for three dollars.

Two days before that I got a Tandy 200 (successor to the Model 100) for $2.50 and two working calculators not listed in the Ball/Flamm book for twenty-five cents each. A good week for collecting!

The HP-25 comes on OK. I can change display modes, write programs, and enter numbers from the keyboard. I can STO and RCL. But doing any mathematical functions from the keyboard or in a program, even the decimal point, end up with 0.000000000 in the display and a changed display mode. Any ideas?



I managed to download the program today at the library. I will work on it tonight.

In the previous thread Bill asked if a plain C in the program didn't mean GSB C. You answered:

1) Yes, I think so. C should be GSB C.

2) Yes, I think so. Line 70 is X=0? Line 124 is X NE 0? and Line 150 should be X > Y?

Shortcuts that seem obvious at the time can be tough to remember later.

Of course you are both correct. The plain C command shortcut is mentioned on page 203 of the HP-67 Owner's Manual and Programming Guide:
Note: When loading instructions into the calculator in W/PRGM mode, you can load an f GSB A through E or a g GSBf a throough e instruction by simply pressing the appropriate user-definable key(s). For example, to load the instruction f GSB A, you can simply press A; the keycode for f GSB A, 31 22 11, will appear in the display. For clarity and ease of reference, however, the complete keystroke sequence is always shown in this handbook.

I suggest that we would second the comment on clarity and ease of reference.


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