HP 35S Manual .pdf in English


I finally found the full user manual in English for the HP35s in a .pdf format. You can find it here:

Just click on the "User Manual" link on the right.




It's curious why this took so long, given that foreign language translations have been available for a while.

Thanks for being vigilant!


...foreign language translations have been available for a while.

Which ones and where? Can you provide us with links? Thanks in advance!

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(Preliminary) HP 35s manual in Japanese is here.



French manual is available here:
HP-35s French manual

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I likes to have all this stuff with me on my portable hard disk.

And the dead tree one got coffe all over it seconds after unpacking. That did not bother me, but had the coffe made it over where the old 41 manual where, then I had been depressed...


Thank you very much indeed!

Best regards.



I just had Kinkos spiral bind my printed manual. However, looking at it this evening, I just noticed some pages out of order. Before I take it back and ask if they can fix it, could a few of you check to see if this was the original binders fault or if Kinkos did it!

My page 16-6, a left-hand page, jumps to 16-20 as a right-hand page, and then counts backwards for 10 pages or so.

The gal that did it may have been tired and flipped the pages the wrong way - I dropped it off at 8:30pm Saturday night, and she was there at 1:30pm on Sunday.



Mine are all in the right order. I guess if they're backwards, they've been punched on the wrong edge too.

Of course, I had mine spiral bound too, so maybe they _were_ originally backwards, and Kinkos put them in the right order for me. :-) :-)



Thanks for the reply.

It's probably just a Kinko's mistake. I'll take the pdf file with me, and they can print some new pages if they have to.

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