New HP-41C Emulator from RLM Tools


RLM Tools has just released a beta version of the HP-41C emulator. This adds to their emulators for the HP-10C, HP-11C, HP-12C, and HP15C.

One the interesting features is that in User mode you see the assigned commands on the keys or shifted keys. I though this was a cool feature!


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Is there a WWW link available to learn more?

Thanks in advance.

(OK, after all it will be easy to Google for it...)

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I have the 15C emulator and although it looks great, I don't seem to use it very often. I like Warren Furlow's V41 emulator as it seems to have everything the 41CX offers including all modules. Does the RLM emulator provide the various ROM module equivalents too?



I do not like any of them. AFAIK, only Nonpareil uses the real Voyager ROMs and is 100% functionally equivalent to the real thing.

As for the 41, Nonpareil, EMU41, and V41 use real ROMs.

Nonpareil is free and runs on Windows, Linux (Intel, ARM), and OS/X (Intel, Power, ARM, i.e. iPhone), and you get the source.

P.S., if your are looking for calc on calc action, then checkout for ROM-based emulators for the 48/49/50 series.


egan, from your post I (maybe erroneously) deducted that there is a 41emulator I could run on the iPhone including all modules? That would be fantastic!

I currently use the voyager emulations you pointed us to a while ago and absolutely love them (thanks for those links again!)

If there is a way to have the 41 on the iPhone, would be great if you can point me into the right direction.




egan, from your post I (maybe erroneously) deducted that there is a 41emulator I could run on the iPhone including all modules? That would be fantastic!

AFAIK, no. Given that it is a Nonpareil port, the 41CX bits are there. A skin needs to be created and possibly UI work.


It looks like it is on his list of todos.


The current release is a beta. the menus indicate that there will be support for ROM modules. How many will be supported? I don't know. It also takes time to support each popular ROM module.


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