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I recently acquired a couple of calculators that were in essentially "new" condition: 48GX and 28C. Both had significantly "tighter" keyboards than others I own, including another 48GX with black screen and 28S. Also, the first HP I owned (and still do), a 32SII also still has a "tight" feel.

Here's my question. Does a looser keyboard, including keyboard "bounce" develop from excessive use? Or have I just taken abnormally good care of my 32SII? I teach chemistry at the college level and have used my 32SII nearly every day during the academic year for the past 13 years. Or are some models more susceptible to keyboard degradation than others?


Among my oldest calcs, I own one 11c (bought 1988), a 48sx (1991?)
and both have been heavily used. The keys are firm as the first day. A 32SII bought in 2003, less used, has a "tight" feel but no signs of wear at all. My 48 is too "hard" and tight in my opinion,
but I have observed no evolution or aging in that respect. They
do not soften with time.

Of course this is subjective if you compare how you felt your kbd
20 years ago with how it feels now...

I would say that 28S/C's have a much softer keyboard even out of
the box (I used one shortly before buying my 48), but again it's
a personal memory and not too scientific impression. I would expect
your 32SII to feel "harder" than a 28C, and softer than a 48SX,
but it may largely depend on many other factors.



I bought my 28S in 1991 and used it very heavy during my college years and later during my career. I also experience the 28S keys having a softer tactile feel (but nice) and travel than other HP calculators I own. But the keys did not change with time. My 48GX keys (Singapore made) are much harder than the 28S ones.


Thanks for the feedback. Seems as though they experience has been that keyboards do not normally degrade as much as the two I have. I agree the 28C/S has a softer feel than the others even in "new" condition. However, the 48GX I bought recently has a lot of keys with "bounce" - slight movement before you fully depress the key to register on the calculator. It's very disapointing. I don't like the feel at all. Makes it seem like the keys are loose and sloppy. But, like I said, I only noticed the "tight" feel on keyboards of calculators I bought from people who said they were seldom used.

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